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Party table London P10385

Statafel Londen is een opklapbare en sterke partytafel. Bij Veba is het mogelijk om verschillende lossen onderstellen te combineren met verschillende bladen om zo uw ideale statafel te creëren en kopen. Bekijk nu het gehele assortiment!
sizeH 110 cm - Ø 70 cm / 85 cm / 70 x 70 cm


The London party table is one of the most frequently sold bar tables in the product range. The base has a frame with a tube width of 32mm diameter, and is one of the most sturdy foldable bar tables in our product range because of that. This bar table stands upright when folded. There are several trolleys available for this bar table.


Stacked and sealed on a euro pallet (25 pieces)

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